Some deals really are too good to be true… and some companies really are too bad to survive.

Consider Mabus Hosting. They offer what seems like a great deal for people needing to run small backup mailservers, nameservers, or things of that sort, with their $5/month VPS plan. They have a lot of seemingly happy customers, so I thought I’d try them out; I could use some space and bandwidth to store old backups and logs and stuff.

I’m underwhelmed. Literally.

They got me setup in an hour or so. It’s been three days, and they still don’t have me setup correctly, despite promises to do so. The resources on their VPS are less then stellar – 64MB maximum RAM (no burst capability, and no swap), 100 maximum processes, and 80 maximum open connections. Remember, kids – a VPS has a lot of artificial limits a real server doesn’t, and it’s most apparent at the bottom end of things.

In the case of Mabus, their network is interesting. I was pretty impressed when I tracerouted their IPs; Level(3) and Mzima all the way, from everywhere I was able to test from. That’s impressively quality bandwidth. From their VPSes is another matter – outgoing, it’s all Cogent, all the time, everywhere. For nickels per gigabyte of transfer, that’s about what I’d expect. Latency and jitter are about average to slightly below par.

Verdict? Unreliable support, harshly throttled (and probably grieviously oversold, if the rather optimistic OpenVZ system website’s guidelines are being followed) system resources, bargain (albeit multihomed) bandwidth, and a price that’s too good to be true. I never thought I’d find a worse deal than Redwood Virtual, but the world never ceases to amaze me. I’ll be looking elsewhere for backup space…

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  1. On 12/17/2006 at 8:29 pm Entropic Memes » Blog Archive » Mabus, Redux Said:

    […] I wrote previously of my less than exciting experiences with Mabus Hosting. It’s been a week – seven days – and they still haven’t correctly installed the VPS I ordered from them. Well, screw ‘em; I’m going elsewhere. […]

  2. On 1/15/2007 at 9:22 pm Philip Barnham Said:

    has to be said ive got a vps with mabus and find the guys to be on the ball – the network is far from perfect but that is more down to the shitty noc technicans more than anything else (calpop employ the biggest morons your ever going to come across).

    what do you really expect for $5/month? ive seen worse vps companies than calpop – for example 200kbps maximum on a vps provider that i wont name..*cough* lycos *cough*.

    its worth pointing out that the origional writer knows jack shit about openvz – openvz does *NOT* have swap and burst memory does not work properly – even if you set the burst to a gig or more it will still start to cause issues on processes when the minimum is hit. there appears to be no threshold on it – virtuozzo is better in this respect.

    if your trying to run mysql,php,apache etc in 64MB ram – then thats your tough luck. its not possible, ive had it *sort of* working with really slim cut down versions that ive compiled myself – but really, you need to stop being such a cheapskate and go for a 128MB package to do anything useful.

    80 state connections is fine unless your going to be torrenting or something.. seriously. as is 100 max processes.. im sitting at 45 processes or so, and thats with MTA, HTTPD, MYSQL, PHP.. you name it. oh and

  3. On 1/15/2007 at 9:24 pm mphill Said:

    Seriously man, for 5 dollars, what do you expect? You want to talk about a bad VPS provider, I tired vpsland and they could not even get my password for root setup correct, I would not login for 4 days. When I finally got in my control panel didn’t work. Fine, I do things by hand. But what caused me to get the heck out of dodge is when they charged me 10 days before the billing cycle ended for the next month.
    I have tried many providers, Xen and OpenVZ types. Mabus, is more than reasonable. I had an account with them for a while, but like yourself I needed tons of processes. But of someone who wants to run lighttpd and have root to a box, 5 bucks is amazing! You only be able to run a control panel on a vps with those specs, but come on, it was only 5 bucks! If you need a system that does not have as many restrictions get a Xen box, but expect to pay $25+ for a decent setup.

  4. On 1/15/2007 at 11:04 pm Nemo Said:

    Mmm, not-quite-disinterested parties arriving minutes apart, with nothing but praise for Mabus and scorn for me. Luvverly.

    I don’t expect much for five bucks a month. But when a provider claims they offer Debian, I expect to receive Debian – not CentOS and an infrequent trickle of empty promises. There are definately worse VPS providers out there, don’t get me wrong – JVDS comes immediately to mind, under it’s current ownership, as does Redwood Virtual.

    It’s not that I “know jack shit about openvz”; I knew full well there was neither burstable RAM nor swap. That comment was provided for the edification of readers who aren’t VPS providers themselves – yes, Mr. Barnham, I’m looking at you – who might not be familiar with that little nugget of information.

    Like I said in the original post, Mabushosting left me underwhelmed. For what I wanted (disk space and bandwidth for storage and backups) they probably would have been fine. I don’t expect great bandwidth, great performance, or great support at the bottom-scraping end of the market. I think, though, that somewhat competent support would be nice, for basic things like delivering a correctly provisioned server in the first place. Had they done something – anything! – to earn my loyalty, I probably would have stuck with them. They failed to do so, though, so… buh-bye.

    I still maintain their bandwidth is lackluster, their support is lacking, their technical competence questionable, and their VPSes significantly restricted – all opinions I happen to think prospective customers should be given the opportunity to consider.

    But thanks for getting your boxers in a bunch over this, anyway.