Different Day, Same Song

A popular mantra of sleazy governments the world over has long been “an informed populace is a dangerous populace”; the subtext is, of course, that knowledge equals power.

From the never-entirely-reliable Truthout:

In defiance of Congressional requests to immediately halt closures of library collections, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is purging records from its library websites, making them unavailable to both agency scientists and outside researchers, according to documents released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). At the same time, EPA is taking steps to prevent the re-opening of its shuttered libraries, including the hurried auctioning off of expensive bookcases, cabinets, microfiche readers and other equipment for less than a penny on the dollar.

There’s much more at the link; the EPA selling off the furnishings of it’s closed research libraries at fire-sale prices, for example.

Cui bono?, one has to ask. The Shrub Administration hasn’t exactly been a good friend of the EPA, and have never failed to demonstrate that big business is more important than the population at large. With the loss of the only large, centralised libraries on environmental pollution and it’s effects, accurately researching and documenting the marginalized side-effects of big (pollution) business run rampant becomes a lot more difficult, and expensive.

It’s information, it’s knowledge, and it’s power. That it’s truth makes no difference to the administration; it’s knowledge too dangerous to be allowed to exist at government expense. I have seen the enemies of freedom (to pollute and get away with it), and they are us.

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