Into the Darkness

Well, the world got to see the workprint of Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness for the first time last night… and the response was very positive, indeed.

The preview was held at the Mill City Museum in downtown Minneapolis; the view from the building is fairly impressive. 🙂

The film can, and probably still will, change before it’s final release early next year, so I’m not going to go into details, save to say that the film is entertaining, captivating, interesting, and even frequently funny, in a good way. The videography is first-rate, the soundtrack is absolutely awesome, the photography shown is generally excellent, and the whole enchilada is a good, honest, look at the culture of urban exploration. If you have any interest in UE, and weren’t able to make it to the preview last night, definately keep an eye out for the premiere of the film in the spring; it’s worth waiting for.

After the film screening, a half-dozen local urban exploration photography geeks displayed a large number of photographs, answered questions, and, wierd as it seems, signed autographs, though nobody’s entirely clear on why.

I refuse to either confirm nor deny that any explorers accessed the roof before, during, or after the event, nor to confirm or deny that a group of explorers found themselves locked out of the screening and had to try and jimmy a lock to get back in…

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