Robo Calls, Redux

Well, I might have spoken too soon yesterday, about the lack of robocalls I’ve received.

I’ve gotten five so far today.

Three were discernable democratic – two from the DFL, and one from Hillary Clinton – one was from the republican party, and one was from some independant “voter turnout” group. On the phones, at least, the Democratic GOTV effort seems to be ahead of the Republican one, at least in this area. Given that I got two visits this morning from Mike Hatch supporters, it would seem the DFL is putting a lot more effort, period, into getting out the vote.

Mind you, I live on the edge of the ghetto – inside the ghetto, near the edge, not just outside – so it’s perhaps understandable that the republicans have concentrated their efforts elsewhere. I’m pretty sure that things would be a bit different if I lived in one of the rich suburbs…

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