Robo Calls

There’s been much ado on the internets these past few days about “robo calls” – automated phone calls with recorded political messages. Some candidates’ campaigns seem to be playing dirty with these tools, placing misleading calls which misrepresent what party they’re actually from.

I was pretty amazed to get my first robocall of the year this morning; much to my surprise, it was pretty painless indeed – something to the effect of “Tim Pawlenty would like to ask for your vote for Governor tomorrow. Thank you.” That was it. I stayed on the line for another ten seconds or so, expecting something more, but nothing more came.

On the one hand, this seems like a pretty useless call; I really doubt anyone, the day before the elections, doesn’t know who the incumbent governor is, here in Minnesota, so trying for extra name recognition seems pointless. On the bright side, the briefness of the call gives recipients no real (extra) reason to hate the guy, but I can’t really see that swaying any sizeable number of voters. As a GOTV call, it’s kind of lame, much like everything else about Pawlenty’s campaign…

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  1. On 11/6/2006 at 4:40 pm Nemo Said:

    This is just a test…