A Clarification

After speaking with the irrepressible Melody Gilbert herself last night, I’d like to offer a bit of a clarification about the upcoming screening of her eagerly-awaited urban exploration documentary, which I’ve mentioned before here.

This screening in November isn’t the premiere, according to Melody; rather, she describes it as a preview of the rough cut of the full-length movie (as opposed to the short, five-minute previews that have been seen previously). The full, official premiere is expected to be in the spring of ’07, and will (no doubt!) be much publicized here and elsewhere.

I think much of the confusion has sprung from the film’s website, which has for a long while announced “premiering in 2006”. Well, that’s not going to happen, it appears, but, hey, what highly-anticipated movie has ever been released when it was expected?

Not this one, anyway.

So, anyway… Attend the screening in November, because it promises to be fun. Just realize you’ll be seeing something slightly different than what the “final” finished film will look like next year, and that will most likely be a little different than the version that should appear on DVD a year or so later.

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