More Imperialism

I wrote earlier about the ominous ruling in the lawsuit between the spammers at e360 Insight and the anti-spam forces at Spamhaus, and how ridiculous it was that a U.S. court could judge on the actions of a British organization.

Well, the goons at e360 have apparently filed motion to have ICANN suspend Spamhaus’ domain name. I’ve looked, but have yet to find any sort of coherent logic for this action, other than petty punishment of Spamhaus.

If e360 Insight thinks this is going to somehow stop them being branded as spammers, they’re in for a rude surprise. is
their primary mailserver,, is also
their nameserver,, is
(I’m not going to even comment on how unprofessional it is to have a single NS record…)

in fact, the entire 63.78.194.* netblock ( is owned by e360 Insight.

I’d recommend every server admin in the world block this entire netblock, if you haven’t already. If you use the popular APF firewall, just do (as root):
# apf -d

Other netblocks assigned to e360 Insight include and, also is also assigned to them.

If anyone knows any other address space assigned to e360, I’d love to know about it, so I can block that, too.

They want to screw with an antispam service? Fine. Hope they’re not under the illusion it’s going to make their spamming any easier…

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