Squirrels Playing Possum

I was reading this story on Daily Kos and was reminded that it was time to check the traps in the back yard again. We have a slight squirrel problem, which we solve in a pretty straightforward way – traps.

Well, I go out there, and lo and behold, there’s a tree rat in one of the traps. Now, this isn’t a live trap – it’s a conibear trap, designed to quickly and humanely crush the living bejeesus out of anything that trips it. So I grab a plastic bag and a pair of gloves out of the garage, and prepare to dispose of the little menace. I squeeze the spring on the trap, and the squirrel – who got caught right across the ribs and shoulderblades – drops right out, into the waiting bag.

Then it screams, jumps right out of the bag, and takes off across the lawn. I admit, it staggered a bit, and didn’t seem to be in a very happy mood… but it otherwise seemed unharmed. Dang it, that’s not how it’s supposed to work!

Well, I guess that’s one squirrel that’s learned an important life lesson today, eh?

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