DIY Nuclear Weapons, Anyone?

I have seen a weapon made with material you could get from Home Depot

From Dick Destiny comes the astounding new benchmark in over-the-top homeland security rhetoric, courtesy of Connecticut Representative Chris Shays (R-Obviously) and the Christian Science Monitor.

It’s kind of a shame, actually, because a lot of Shays’ other thoughts are good ones, but he rather loses credibility with the whole “the only thing you need is enriched uranium” caveat to his doom-and-gloom pronouncement.

Hey, Representative? I believe there will be a nationwide collapse of the energy sector. In fact, I believe electrical power is going to become completely free. The only thing you need is a perpetual motion machine and a way around the law of conservation of energy, after all.

I wonder if anyone has asked Home Depot for an official comment on their newfound status as the DIY nuclear weapon superstore?

Published in: 'D' for 'Dumb', General | on September 16th, 2006| Comments Off on DIY Nuclear Weapons, Anyone?

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