Deaths in Kentucky

It’s sad – in more ways than one – but the Comair crash last night in Lexington, Kentucky raises a lot of questions. Some of them will be answered, in coming days, weeks, and perhaps months; whether they will be answered honestly and truthfully is another matter altogether.

One question that should be answered is “who was on board?”. That, in turn, may or may not answer other questions – such as why the plane took off from the wrong runway. If the two seem unconnected, rephrase the first question like this:

“Were there any NSA whistleblowers onboard?”

It seems that former employees of None Such Agency who’ve criticized certain programs of their former employer have been getting their tickets punched early of late. Once is a coincidence, as they say. Two, or three, or four… isn’t. And, if you’re inclined to believe such things, it would seem that airplane crashes are a traditional way of “eliminating” the squeaky wheels of the government world in recent years.

It shouldn’t be hard to figure out. Forty-seven passengers were on board; the likelihood of there being two people on board the government would like to silence seems… statistically improbable. (Unless you’re particularly pessimistic about the number of citizens the government would like to make “go away”, at any rate).

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