Goat-Milk Soap

So, I broke down and got some shaving soap, and a really, really cheap bristle brush. (Hey, it came free with the soap.) The soap is homemade goat’s milk soap, lightly lavender scented.

I actually used the brush first with Proraso cream, which worked quite well, and a bit better than just rubbing the stuff on my face with my hands, as I’d been doing. (It’s not that there’s anything inherently bad in the manual application, just that the brush works a lot better.) I’ve been doing that for a few days, and been happy with it. Today, though, I felt like something a little different, so I decided to try out the bowl of soap.

It did the job; don’t get me wrong. The scent was mild, pleasant, and inoffensive. It lathered really, really well, too; much more volume than the Proraso. But the lather kind of dissipated on my face, as lather is given to do, though rather more rapidly than I’m used to, even with crud out of a can.

Where it really failed to shine was lubrication, though. It got the job done, but less well than the Proraso, or even the hand soap I’d been using before that. It was still better than foam inna can, but kind of a letdown after almost two weeks of really, really slick shaving. I don’t know if it’s an inherent characteristic of milk soaps, or if it’s just a quirk of this particular brand, or batch.

That said, I’m getting a lot better with the Super Speed; I really think that you need to use a new razor for at least a week, possibly longer, before you adapt to it and learn it’s “sweet spot”. By the end of today’s shave I came to feel that I was almost getting as good a shave as I have been with the Star single-edged razor. Probably, by midweek I’ll have achieved that level of smoothness and satisfaction.

I’ve broken down, by the way, and added a category for wet shaving posts; previous posts on the subject have been added there, but this is the first one to get posted anew there…

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