Still More Technorati Irritation

Five long months ago I wrote about Technorati‘s mildly schizophrenic behaviour regarding my inability to claim this blog as, um, mine, in their silly, useless software. A few days later, it had miraculously worked.

Five months later, this site is again gone from my utterly point- and use-less account there. Trying to add it again produces the same wonderful effect I got back in March – i.e., nothing at all.

At least they’re consistent, over there.

It’s interesting to note, looking at statistics, how traffic from Technorati has dropped off. Much of the traffic I used to get from searches there has evaporated, to be replaced by visits from users of Google’s blog search, or, or various other indices and search engines. In true empirical quasi-scientific fashion, I shall choose to interpret this as reflective of a decreased popularity of the nigh-functional and oft-irritating Technorati in favor of competing services that have two clues to rub together.

It’s 2006, after all; a cool URL, a lot of exciting hyperbole, and unfilfilled promises don’t count for much anymore. Ah, well; just another Next Big Thing that’s rapidly becoming The Last Big Could-Have-Been. 🙂

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