Counter-MANPADS Program Summary

As noted here (PDF!), and here, the Department of Homeland Security has recently been trying to suppress an unclassified “For Official Use Only” report on countermissile systems that was presented to Congress in July of this year. The Federation of American Scientists had had it online, but they’ve caved to DHS pressure and yanked it.

Cryptome is hosting an unrelated file (PDF!), and I’m not aware of anyone who has the original. However, you should still be able to read the text in the Google cache, and when that goes away, the folks at the TCUEC have agreed to host a mirror of the cache here.

Updated 16 August 1830GMT: The Google cache appears to be gone, now. Cryptome still has working links to Yahoo and MSN caches, but I expect those to disappear pretty quickly, as well. Nobody, anywhere, seems to have come forth with a copy of the original manpads.pdf file yet…

It’s not a classified document. “For Official Use Only” is not a classification marking, and FOUO documents – along with “Law Enforcement Sensitive” and other similarly-marked reports – are officially considered “Sensitive But Unclassified” – or simply SBU.

DHS is only managing two things in their attempt to suppress this report and make it disappear down the memory hole: displaying an ignorance of the realities of the Internet, and attracting a lot more attention to a report they apparently don’t want noticed. Good job, guys!

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