In Your Neighborhood

AOL search log user 6737265, step forward, please – you sound like a really deep and fascinating human being, to judge from your searches. “st paul prostitutes”, “escorts mn”, “sleep apnea”, “midgets”, “under age”, “motorcycle exhaust”, “free porn”, ocala fl escorts”, “escorts fl”, and “massage in mn”? What intersting and broad interests you display.

Oh, and searching for all those people with the same surname, who all live in Chisago Lakes and Chisago City? Do they know about your “interests”? Do they approve of your thing for kids, midgets, and “escorts”? Do they know what you’re really looking forward to during your trip down to Florida? What really happens during your weekly “massage”?

Better hope they don’t read the news, pal…

Published in: 'D' for 'Dumb', General | on August 10th, 2006| Comments Off on In Your Neighborhood

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