Close to Home…

Thanks to AOL’s privacy-violating little gaffe, the world gets to see the search history of hundreds of thousands of AOL users over a three-month period. A lot of it’s mundane and uninteresting. Some of it’s sad. Some of it’s depressing and sick. And some of it’s pretty close to home.

Consider user 2860302. They almost certainly live in South Saint Paul, Minnesota. They’re interested in – I’d even say obsessed with – machine guns, automatic and semiautomatic pistols, military rifles, and 1930’s gangsters. They might own a 1967 Ford Mustang, possibly a convertible. They might own a motorcycle. They don’t seem to know much about plumbing, but were willing to learn. From some of the searches, they might have been renovating a house or trailer at the time.

They’re also interested in burglary, breaking into houses, lock picking (and Master Lock model 220 locks in particular), and how to manufacture methamphetamine. They also searched for a local woman convicted of forgery, by name.

On the other hand, they also searched for “police patches”. Police officer doing “research” online, or south-of-the-river scum with typical lowlife interests? You be the judge.

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