Poor Joementum

It seems that Joe Lieberman’s campaign are unmitigated cheapskates, which has led to some unfortunate consequences – namely, that their fly-by-night webhost’s software (Cpanel/WHM, yech) has suspended the campaign website for exceeding it’s bandwidth. Um, yeah, you think?

They’re spending $15 per month, apparently, to host their website and email. Okay, sure, that’s entirely doable, I imagine, for most candidates; but not for a Senate race with extraordinarily strong national interest, and certainly not right around the actual election itself.

If you know what you’re doing, $50 per month gets you a nice lower-end dedicated server and several dozen times the bandwidth that $15 gets you. Failing that, as Kos points out in the link above, once you see that your shared hosting is going to be a problem, there are any number of companies that will be all to happy to take quite modest amounts of your money and get you back up and running on a dedicated server, with no technical expertise required on your end. It’s not rocket science, but again and again idiots keep making stupid decisions and getting burnt by them.

But, hey, if you don’t care about your website, fine. Just don’t expect others to care, either…

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