(Why) I (Heart) FedEx

I was awoken this morning by a phone call – several phone calls, in face – from Federal Express. Some might be irritable at being woken at the butt-crack of dawn by a phone call from a delivery service, but not me.

I wrote earlier of my horrible experience getting a piece of computer equipment delivered by DHL. Well, I got an RMA for the original piece and returned it; my warranty replacement was shipped FedEx. Alas, I’ve moved since the original piece of equipment was shipped, six months ago, but despite a note from me, the supplier shipped to my old address.

That could have been a problem, but the Federal Express driver knows I don’t live there anymore, and was not only nice enough, but cares enough about customer service, to call me before beginning his route and find out my current address. That sort of thing is why I like FedEx.

It’s not the first time they’ve done something like this; when I lived where I used to, I was “early” on the regular delivery route, and the place where I worked was near the end. If they tried to deliver at my home and I wasn’t there, they’d just drop the package off at my work address instead, without being asked. (Nevermind that I often wasn’t working, but was out grocery shopping for something; it’s the thought that counts.)

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