DHL, Redux

So there I was, just about to head out the door, when the bat-phone rang. I ran and answered it, thinking it might be a phone survey, someone trying to sell me a new driveway, or something else important. Nope, it was some sullen-sounding customer service representative from DHL.

She wanted me to know that they had a package for me at the hub – the Airborne Express next-day-air, Saturday-delivery package they failed to deliver on Saturday and subsequently lied to me about a lot on Tuesday, after again failing to deliver it to my address. Did I want to drive over to the hub and pick it up, or should DHL just return it to the shipper? This, I was pretty sure, was something I’d cleared up with them on Tuesday; apparently not.

Well, I said, as much as the package was very important to me, seeing as how it was supposed to be here a week ago, high-priority and all that, I was absolutely disgusted with the way that DHL had failed to provide even the most basic service expected of them, and doubly disgusted with the way I was lied to, repeatedly, by their employees…

…”So we should send it back?”

She didn’t sound surprised, or upset, or even like she remotely cared about the ridiculous way I’ve been treated by her company. No offer to, you know, try and “make it right”; no interest in what they’d done to upset me… just the hallmark apathy of DHL.

Yes, you incompetent ninnies, return the stupid package already.

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