No Exit

Too late for President’s Day, but in plenty of time for Father’s Day, the fitting present for the worst president ever: Derek Humphrey’s classic book Final Exit, the definitive how-to manual for suicide. Under $9 used on Amazon… hint, hint.

Of course, since this is Dubya we’re talking about, there’s always the audiobook version for less than two bucks.

I’d never advocate assassination – no, thanks, I’ll pass on the expense-paid vacation to Cuba – but suicide seems the appropriately craven, cowardly, wasteful, and stupid end to America’s most craven, cowardly, wasteful, and stupid President.

Hell, why not send a copy to Darth Cheney, while you’re at it? The little traitor has to be having trouble sleeping as his empire comes crashing down around his ears; I’m sure he’d appreciate something educational to read as he lays in bed at night, afraid Patrick Fitzgerald will haunt his dreams…

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Because, honestly, it’s the least we can do, and mailing them razor blades might be construed as a threat…

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