More Technorati Irritation

Several months ago, I expressed a certain degree of irritability with Technorati and some persistent technical problems they were having at the time. This seems to have pissed them off, as I noted last month.

Today I was feeling bored, so I returned to Technorati’s website after quite an absence. I tried a few searches, and it seemed to work fine. An ad on the side caught my eye – “Claim your blog today!”. What the heck, I figured… so I signed up – which was a royal pain, and not at all user-friendly. Then I tried to “claim my blog”. Again. And again… and again. It works for a few minutes… then nothing, it’s gone from my profile. I refresh, and nothing.

I’ve finally given up. If the folks at Technorati want to be twits, that’s fine, and their right. It would just be nice – to echo the original complaint from last year – if they were user-friendly twits. Meh.

Updated: Twenty-four hours later, it seems to be working as it should. Still not terribly impressed, though.

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