Seagate Warranties

I recently purchased a new Seagate hard drive. New, as in, brand-new, retail packaged, still sealed, et cetera; not bulk OEM or refurbished or something.

Seagate makes a big deal of their five-year warranty for internal drives. The date code on my drive indicated it rolled off the assembly line last month.

Checking Seagate’s website with the model and serial number, they say it’s under warranty thru the middle of December, 2009.

That’s still a long time – almost four years, a lot better than most other companies, who only have one-year warranties. But “almost four years” isn’t really the same as “five years”. Just makes me wonder what they’re up to…

The real question, though, is whether I’ll actually manage to use 200GB of space in just under four years. I’m guessing not…

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