Acute Alcohol Intoxication

Says it all, really. One (underage) idiot, a number of poor judgement calls, a fall at thirty-two feet per second per second, and an abrupt, terminal (pun intended) stop at the bottom… and you’ve got multiple sad, tragic, and fatal blunt force injuries.

You’ve also got a rather poignant message about wisdom, intelligence, and personal responsibility, though most people seem to be overlooking that as they rush to find (rich) city governments and multinational agribusinesses to point their blaming fingers at…

Free will is a wonderful thing; it’s most wonderful in it’s quiet timidness, as it fails to call attention to itself when people are trying very, very hard to pretend it’s not there. Very obliging concept, free will…

Published in: 'D' for 'Dumb', General | on March 9th, 2006| Comments Off on Acute Alcohol Intoxication

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