Dear Amazon: What Do You Have Against Cleams, Anyway?

Earlier this week, I purchased some rechargeable batteries from Amazon. These batteries, in fact.

They arrived today.

Do you pay much attention to the packaging your merchandise comes in? I do.

It’s not because I’m anal-retentive or OCD or anything. Honest. I’m just… detail-oriented. Really. Ask my boss.

Anyway, here’s how the batteries come packaged:

A sturdy cardboard box, about the size of a mass-market paperback. Emblazoned with a seal promising “Certified Frustration Free Packaging”.

But wait…

Spot the problem. Go on.

It’s apparently a somewhat common typo, for some inexplicable reason. But – and this is kind of the important part – it’s still a typo.

Because I’m very cynical, I wanted to consider the possibility that I’d been sent counterfeit Amazon batteries. I mean, they did come from China, where counterfeiting is rampant, and strange typos on packaging are a hallmark of black-market Chinese products. But, alas, that would seem to be pretty much impossible; it’s not like someone would approach Amazon saying “Hey, we’ve got a shipping container full of a custom product that you have made-to-spec for you, and can give you a suspiciously good deal on ’em, interested?” or anything. Alas.

Nope, Amazon just goofed. Hey, it happens, right? I just find it sadly amusing – though not as amusing as that nobody seems to have spotted this yet.

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