What A Long Strange Noun It’s Been

So, it’s twenty-twelve. Man, what an exciting twenty-eleven, eh? There was that stuff, and those things, and some people died, and a couple of whatever happened… Good times, good times. Mostly.

Among all that, winter sort of failed to show up on time. White Thanksgiving? Nope. White Christmas? Nope. White New Year’s Eve? Nope.

In fact, New Year’s Eve was really kind of nice. At least the weather…

I took the opportunity to go for a bike ride. Because I could, basically. I mean, I live in Minnesota; how many opportunities am I going to have to go bike riding on New Year’s Eve here? Carpe diem, and all that crap.

Okay, so it snowed on New Year’s Day, but it’s supposed to melt in the next day or two. And I’m fine with that. Once the streets are ice-free, I’ll probably go for another bike ride.

Because, hey, how many opportunities am I likely to have to go bike riding in January in Minnesota, right?

(That’s the almost-entirely-original 1980 Schwinn Suburban I wrote about extensively several months back. Despite the monochrome picture, it really was taken on December 31st, 2011.)

Happy New Year, everybody. May ‘twelve be as interesting as ‘eleven, neh?

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  1. On 1/3/2012 at 12:12 pm Aron Said:

    Have a happy new year and thanks for entertaining us with your random but quite interesting writings. I got lured in by your articles on the topic of Operation Atalanta about what, three years ago? Anyway, it’s been less about global security and more about Asian food, bikes and whatnot, but it was a good run all things considered, and I’ll keep visiting in the new year too.