Halloween Easter Eggs

Halloween is all about the kids. I know, I know. That didn’t stop a friend of mine from creating a little easter egg of sorts at his house for adults, yesterday…

I rode over to his house yesterday evening, to help out with Halloween decorations and hang out while he handed out candy. (Okay, and to mooch free candy. I’m not proud…) I was very amused to discover this over in one corner of the yard, half-hidden by a bush:

Not visible in the picture: The bowl of king-size candy bars, directly behind it. Also not visible in the picture, for obvious reasons: The absolutely zero people who noticed it, or at least recognized it for what it was, i.e. a lambda cache.

He’s undeterred, and promises to try again next year.

Anyone else create any ‘easter eggs’, as it were, for the parents toting their sprogs around?

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