Now Available: Without A Spark

Well, two short weeks later, the news you’ve been eagerly waiting for:

Without A Spark is now available for sale!

Yes, my charming little novel of life, love, and ecoterror is now available in a large chunk of the western world – from Amazon (.com/ – $9.95/5GBP/EUR 8 ) and Barnes and Noble (on sale for $8.95) and, probably, various other places I’m not aware of. (Just ask your favorite bookmonger for ISBN 1466325402.)

It’s only available as a trade paperback right now. 210 pages. The e-book edition will be coming in early December, in all the usual formats.

Anyone who might for some inexplicable reason want to interview me on a blog or something regarding this, or otherwise assist in my promotional efforts for this book… you know my e-mail addresses. (nemo…slugsite, and/or mendacities…gmail.)

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