Eggs In Ambush

It’s that time of year, again – the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is upon us, which means lots of scantily-clad women, lots of mud and/or dust, lots of beer, and lots of… soups in bread-bowls?

Hey, you have your Ren Fest memories, I have mine.

Anyway, here’s something a little different, combining as it does breakfast, bread, and Ye Olde Days – it’s called “Eggs in Ambush”.

The name isn’t mine, by the way – it’s given in the Myrtle Reed Cookbook from 1916, which is in many ways the most awesome cookbook ever, combining as it does culinary instruction, useless trivia, artful bullshittery, and copious quantities of snark. (I’ve posted excerpts from the book here in the past.)

The downside to the Myrtle Reed Cookbook is that its recipes require a certain degree of guesswork, research, and/or experimentation to make work, as it dates from an era long before cooking/baking times and temperatures were anything like the norm. You made stuff, you stuck it in the oven, and you took it out “when done”… which is all fine and dandy, if you know what you’re doing. If not, well…

Anyway, one of the breakfast dishes is “Eggs in Ambush”. It’s pretty much a baked egg in a ramekin – only the ramekin is a hollowed-out roll. An edible ramekin, basically, and thus some sort of cosmic kin to the bread-bowl in which soup is dispensed at renaissance festivals.

Here’s what you need:

One roll;
One egg;
One knife;
One spoon;
One oven.

Optional ingredients: milk, cream, cheese, or other egg additives of your choice.

Here’s what you do: Heat your oven to 400F / 200C. Stick your roll in the oven while it preheats for two or three minutes, to warm it up. Remove from oven, slice the top off, and scoop out some degree of the bread, taking care not to puncture the crust of the roll:

Crack your egg into the cavity thus formed. Add a half-tablespoon of cream, or milk, or add a pinch of shredded cheese, or… whatever else you like in your eggs. Place on the bottom rack of your preheated oven. (I put mine in a pie tin, to avoid burning the bottom of the roll and to keep crumbs out of the oven, ’cause I’m lazy like that.)

Bake for twenty minutes. Remove, put on plate, cover with top of roll, let sit two minutes, serve.

Uncover now-cool-enough-to-eat roll, discover unexpected egg laying in ambush:

Eat, and enjoy. Nom, nom, nom:

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting breakfast ever devised, but it’s easy, it’s cheap, it’s yummy, and it’s probably a little healthier than frying an egg and having it with toast, or so I imagine.

So, there you have it, Eggs in Ambush. Guaranteed to annoy your children, delight your significant other, and inexplicably remind you of the renaissance festival.

Not bad for a 90-year-old breakfast food, eh?

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