Party Over Principle

“Skinner”, one of the moderators behind Democratic Underground, posted in the last few days a short screed laying down the law at DU regarding the upcoming election cycle. One thing really jumped out at me, though:

We expect DU members to support Democratic candidates in general elections. If you want to work for the defeat of any Democratic candidate in a general election, please do so on someone else’s website.

They’re putting party over principles here. If another blatant Democrat in name only comes along and kisses up to the Preznit, a la former Saint Paul Mayor Randy Kelly, he or she should, I think, be campaigned against.

If the folks at DU can hope to sway moderate republicans away from their party lines – and they do – it seems most foolhardy to basically pretend there are no rightward-leaning, nominally democrat candidates who’ve gone over to the other side and need to be defeated.

I mean, why are republicans allowed to be dismayed by the antics of Shrub, or Der Gropenfuhrer von California, yet dems are supposed to blindly support their party members? It just seems disingenious to me.

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