Kwik Hits

Random observations from Minnesota, the “if you don’t like the weather, wait an hour, and it’ll change” state:

So, the other day we bought a package of “fresh” boneless chicken breasts from the grocery store. As I was opening it up to make dinner, I had two observations:

One, the package was marked “Sell by 7/5/2011”, more than two weeks in the future. Now, part of the reason we buy “fresh” chicken is because the frozen stuff (“may contain 15% by weight [random chemicals] to enhance appearance, texture, smell, or taste”) is kind of scary, when you stop and think about it. This “fresh” chicken has a shelf-life of, what, eighteen, twenty, twenty-one days? Maybe more? You can’t tell me that’s natural.

Two, the package was also marked very prominently “Use or freeze within 48 hours of purchase”. Let’s think about this for a moment. It can sit in the cooler at the grocery store for three weeks or more, but the manufacturer wants you to use it or lose it at home within two days? Holy FUD, Batman!

On an unrelated note, we’ve been eating a lot of fish on the grill lately. Mmm, grilled fish. Some of the Asian markets here in Saint Paul have really good deals on fish, so it’s hard to say no. Only catch is it’s mostly fish varieties which midwestern white folk have never heard of. “Swai”? “Basa”?

If you ever have the opportunity to buy Swai, I suggest you do so. It’s often described as “kind of like catfish”, which is pretty damned absurd. It’s nothing like catfish; it’s a firm, flaky white fish that’s fairly mild in smell and taste, and reminds me a lot of Northern Pike. It’s also, depending on the store, from $2-4/pound (i.e. right around the price of pork, the traditional cheap protein source), which you can hardly complain about.

Good stuff, if you’re willing to broaden your horizons a bit.

Completely unrelated to anything else, but this is just awesome. A government agency with a sense of humor? Who knew?

In Cypress, Texas, 28 people searched for hours for a teenager climbing into a storm drain. Way to horribly react to an urban explorer, Cypress.

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