Old Found Photos: Shiny Happy People

As before, more old found photos, the product of the dusty and overlooked corners of some antique stores here and there in Minnesota. (Previous collections here, here, and here.)

This time, three photos spanning perhaps as many as forty years…

(70x117mm fiber-based postcard print)

This girl young woman in a rather severe dress seems not terribly enthused with having her picture taken. I can’t really imagine why; perhaps that ridiculously awesome chair is uncomfortable, or she’s having second thoughts about her (impending?) matrimony. (There’s a ring on her left ring finger.)

The postcard print I scanned here is stamped as having been taken by Charles H. Collins, right here in Saint Paul. Sometime in the teens, I’m guessing.

I wonder what ever happened to that chair?

(5×7 inch fiber-based contact print(!))

I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Looks early 1950s to me. I assume it was taken on location in a church, possibly in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (the mount for the photo is marked “Portrait by Roehrick / Hokenstrom Studio / Chippewa Falls, Wis.). I can only imagine how much of a PITA it must have been shooting 5×7 on location, particularly during a wedding, but the result is amazing – even on heavily textured paper, the detail in a 5×7 contact print is truly a sight to behold.

(4×5.75in fiber print)

No idea who, where, why, or exactly when, but I like it; It’s a pretty technically competent available-light portrait in a pretty standard style, aided immeasurably by what I at least think is a quite attractive subject. I dare say the young lady must have broken quite a few hearts in her day, eh?

The discoloration at the edges of this print is “silvering out”, oxidation of (unfixed) silver in the print caused, probably, by exposure to sulfides from an acidic paper mat or folder. It tends to affect the darkest areas of a print first, and is fairly common in older prints, though usually not quite so pronounced.

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