Hamm’s Demolition Continues

Plans for the old Hamm’s brewery complex on Saint Paul’s east side to be redeveloped into anything seem to be going nowhere in a hurry, which is extremely unfortunate. Riding by on bicycle yesterday, however, I noticed that efforts to demolish some of the (perceived) less-redevelopable buildings has once again resumed…

What I’m pretty sure was the last stockhouse – it’s the building that used to house the company’s bar/tavern, the Rathskeller – is finally, slowly, being knocked down. It’s sat without a westernmost wall for years – literally – following the owner’s efforts to gut the place and sell off the metal storage tanks that used to be inside. (Some photos and video of the building – sans wall – appear in Melody Gilbert’s 2007 documentary Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness.)

Aside from the brick walls and the roof (which was blown off in a storm in 2004? 2005?) the building was built really damned well, and seemed to be causing no end of trouble for the demolition crew, whose crane seemed to keep fouling on rebar and whatnot. Small consolation for the people who spent their lives working there, I suppose, but at least the place isn’t giving in to “progress” without a fight.

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