Kwik-ish Hits

Ugh, crazy week. Been hard at work writing a novel and some other stuff, working on a microcontroller project, fighting with some computer stuff, and what seems like a thousand other things as well. Plus I’m either getting a cold or the quasi-thaw we’re having this winter is making my allergies flare up…


Yesterday, Israel seized the MV Victory, which it alleges was carrying as many as 50 tonnes of weapons “to be used against Israeli citizens”, including six Chinese anti-ship missiles. As is typical in these cases – if a little surprising, in a country with, y’know, compulsory military service – the IDF has apparently released (mis-)captioned photos of the seized cargo, which mislabels 120mm mortar rounds as “rockets” and what appear to be French(?) M61 60mm mortar rounds as “grenades”. (Note that the 60mm mortars appear relatively different than those seized in 2009, though the packing lists are quite similar.)

As far as I can tell, no photos of the anti-ship missiles have been released…

I’ve been wanting to write something about the unfolding, endless disaster in Japan, but don’t really have anything to add to what, you know, half the planet has already said, except that this may be a pertinent time to buy and read Mark Monmonier’s excellent book Cartographies of Danger, which explores the fascinating fusion of cartography and risk analysis. (It’s even available for the Kindle, oddly enough.)

European police have broken up a substantial ‘paedophile ring’, though they’re not providing much in the way of details, probably because arrests are ongoing;

Here in Minnesota, a ridiculously wet winter is coming to an end, bringing with it the specter of record-breaking floods, potentially displacing more than two-thousand people, mostly residents of some apartment/condo complexes whose mentally-deficient developers thought it’d be a great idea to build on property previously vacated and bulldozed because of recurring flooding.

Stop building on floodplains, people. It’s just that simple.

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