Read an E-Book Week

This is, I’m told, Read an E-Book Week, some sort of (international?) celebration of the un-printed word.

Normally I try to avoid partaking in any “verb a noun (Day|Week|Month)” things, just because I’m a rebel like that. This time, alas, I’m in the middle of a good book on my e-book reader, so I’m doomed to a couple days of conformity. Bah.

Personally, I’m still kind of underwhelmed by e-publishing, and I’m not, honestly, super enamored of Read an E-Book Week, because it seems to be lacking in any but superficial merit.

Yes yes, it’s great that people are being encouraged to read, in whatever format; I just can’t but help think that some sort of educational aspect would have substantial lasting value. Y’know, “Why there’s more to e-publications than PDF files”, and so on. PDFs are, supposedly, one of the most popular formats for prose fiction, on platforms/websites that support it, despite being the format least-suited for the genre. Why? Apparently, because they’re “familiar”, and widely supported. That needs to change…

I also can’t help but feel that one of the more visible forces behind RAEW – Smashwords – are really dropping the ball by having a painfully slow site that fails to load with depressing regularity. Marketing skills strong, technical skills… kind of weak. Ah, well.

(I should point out that through Saturday, you can buy my first novel at a 50% discount – $0.99 USD – from Smashwords with coupon code “RAE50″… assuming the website is responding… as a special RAEW promotion. Yay. Or not.)

On an unrelated note, the hyper-narrow, tech-centric nature of RAEW makes me wonder what other existing things in life could use electronically-enhanced promotions of their own. “Have Virtual Sex With A Stranger Week”? “Tweet While Sober Week”? “Stare At the Facebook Page of Your Hot Coworker But Don’t Actually Leave a Wall Message Week”? “Troll A 419 Scammer Week”?


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