Ah, Tires Plus

Tires Plus is a chain of tire stores that also do other vehicle-related service, repair, and maintenance (hence the “plus” part). They have a bit of an unsavory reputation for abject mediocrity, which was illustrated quite hilariously this past week on the website of the local newspaper. One of their blogs made a brief post on Thursday recounting the story of a reader at an (unnamed!) “national tire retailer” who were paid to rotate his tires, but didn’t.

Dozens of readers – literally – posted comments about bad experiences with Tires Plus. Dozens. The first complaint took just twenty minutes to show up, the second arrived twenty-five minutes later, and at that point the floodgates opened and Tires Plus story after Tires Plus story was recounted by readers.

Yesterday, the blog posted an update confirming – to the surprise of all the readers, not – that it was, indeed, Tires Plus that was at fault, and included some insincere pseudo-apology from the manager. This of course prompted the floodgates to burst, as dozens more people are coming forward with horror stories about the company.

As a pedestrian/bicyclist, I have no skin in this game, as it were, but I cannot help find it amusing – and telling – that things are so bad at Tires Plus, apparently franchise-wide, that simply saying “someone had a bad experience at a tire retailer” immediately summons to mind “Tires Plus”.

Is all publicity still good publicity when one of your screwups gets a few dozen disgruntled customers together to swap complaints? I’m going to guess… “no”.

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