Mystery Graffiti

As you may know, long, long ago, I wrote a series of posts about graffiti and its analysis/interpretation.

From time to time, people send me e-mails asking questions about their local graffiti problems. (The ones from .gov addresses are particularly flattering.) Some of them even include photos, which is helpful… unless the photos are 10MB in size. Ahem. Anyway, 95% of the time, what any given bit of graffiti means is quite clear (to me), and about 4% of the time they give up their secrets to a quick Google search or two.

This week, a local reader from somewhere in the Twin Cities sent me that rarity, that special, memorable sort of thing that makes me shrug and go “no clue” after a few moments’ effort:

All I know is that it’s on a public-transit bus, and that how it’s shown here is right-side-up.

Anyone out there reading this know… Somali? Or whatever this is? Enquiring minds want to know, et cetera…

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  1. On 2/18/2011 at 5:52 pm Steven Said:

    Well, it’s as simple as it could be– It says “Allahu akbar” in standard Arabic. That is to say, God is great (or, God is the greatest)….

  2. On 2/18/2011 at 6:30 pm Nemo Said:

    Thanks, Steven!