Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Hi, it’s me again.

I try not to harp on about crap everyone is tired of hearing about, but – I promise – this is probably the last you’ll hear about my thrilling and exciting first novel, Mendacities, for quite a while.

Here’s the deal: I badly need your help.

For kicks and giggles more than any honest hope of winning, I’ve decided to enter Mendacities into this year’s Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, a/k/a ABNA, contest. In fact, I have entered Mendacities into the contest, though I can edit the submission through February 6th.

This is where you, dear reader, can help.

The ABNA is limited to ten thousand entries; these are culled down in the first round of elimination to two thousand entries not on any merits of the book itself, but on the strength of a three-hundred-word “pitch”. Only after that point does any subsequent judging involve the actual novel.

As you know, I am an utter, absolute, abject, enormous, complete, and irredeemable failure where self-promotion is concerned. If I was part of a group taken hostage by deranged drug-enraged terrorists, I’m pretty confident I wouldn’t even be able to sell myself as the best first execution victim, however hard I tried.

I’m not sure why this is; possibly a combination of low self-esteem coupled to a lifelong dislike of big-headed egotists who are forever tooting their own horns.

I’m fairly confident that Mendacities can become a quarter-finalist in the ABNA contest – one of the top 500 entries – IF it can pass the first round of elimination.

This would make me happy. This would make me very happy, in fact.

To do that, though, I need your help. The contest fate of Mendacities – and thus my emotional state – rests in your hands, dear reader.

I need a 300-word (or less) pitch that makes Mendacities – described by one reviewer as “[A] very enertaining… romantic LGBT YA SF dystopian political conspiracy coming-of-age adventure novel” – sound more interesting than, well… several thousand other first novels.

Here’s what I have so far:

Decades ago, people used to ask, what if they held a war and nobody came? Mendacities, a gently dystopian 68,000-word young-adult adventure novel, explores a slightly different take on this idea. What if there never was a war, but the state-controlled media said otherwise? And what if three relatively unusual high-school students accidentally uncovered such a decade-old deception?

A fast-paced, mostly light-hearted blend of action, adventure, intrigue, humor, and romance, Mendacities explores what happens when mostly average people from small towns get caught up in the sort of excitement that would not be out of place in an action movie, did it not remain somewhat regrettably grounded by reality and Murphy’s Law.

You can do better than this.

If you don’t do it for me, do it for my cats. Please, think of the cats! Producing a good pitch for Mendacities ensures I don’t slip into a depressed funk; when I’m in a depressed funk I don’t want to go out and buy stinky gooshy-food for the kitties, so they subsist on dry food and whatever they steal off people’s plates.

I, and my cats, thank you.

Should you not be one of the four or five people in the world who’ve read Mendacities… sigh… you can read the first third over here, for free, in a wide variety of user-friendly formats. (The ABNA entry is the same text, just rearranged slightly at the beginning for added drama.)

Or you could, you know, buy the whole thing, which is an absolute bargain at less than two dollars for the e-book.

Domo arigato and whatnot…

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