Culinary Sarcasm, 1905

Reading through the Myrtle Reed Cookbook, published in 1905, I stumbled across a quite charming bit of sarcasm that struck my fancy:

Concerning the humble chicken egg:

“Strictly fresh eggs come from the country sometimes with the date of their appearance stamped indelibly in purple on the egg. This is done by giving the hens chopped calendars with their meals. Care should be taken, however, to furnish this year’s calendar. Nobody wants an egg with a last-year’s date on it and the error is likely to disarrange the digestion of the hen.”

“Eggs flavored with onions or tomatoes are secured by turning the hens into a neighbor’s vegetable garden. A certain florist feeds his unsold roses to his hens and sells rose-flavored eggs to his clients at a fancy price. The hint is well worth remembering. Violet-flavored eggs may be had, doubtless, in the same way.”

The whole cookbook is full of similarly amusing tidbits, and makes a delightful way to waste a snowy afternoon.

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  1. On 1/16/2011 at 8:28 pm Cranky Old Man Said:

    A true story:
    When we lived in VT a distant family member brought her kids from NJ for a visit. I offered to make breakfast, and went out to the coop for some eggs. When I came back in the kitchen I was questioned as to where the eggs came from. I pointed out the window towards the coop, and was informed that her kids were not going to eat eggs that had not been refrigerated.