Kwik Hits

It’s great to feel indispensible. It truly is. However, being indispensible can be kind of tiring, alas. I’ve been very temporarily re-hired – on, like, two hours’ notice – by my last contract employer, to complete a year-end project I worked on last year. “Nobody can make heads or tails of your notes”, they said, so why don’t I just come back for a week and work on it?

Oh, by the way, it’s due Friday morning…

So, while I struggle to finish this thing by then, here are a couple assorted bits of amusement I’ve spotted:

Russian “porn king” defends his business in the wake of a ban on his movies being sold: “All of our films are intended for private use only. We also have a taboo on making films involving necrophilia or zoophilia.” That’s the best defense he can come up with?

A young man in Italy sneezed out a bullet after being shot in the head. Man, where’s a kevlar facial tissue when you need one?

‘Non-passive’ transformer failure in NYC, indeed.

Read this story and pause for a moment to mourn the death of competent journalism.

When daylight savings was changed in the US… nothing happened. When it was changed in Russia, theater performances got censored and people warned of increased crime and heightened depression. Then again, Washington didn’t claim changing daylight savings would “make governing easier”…

That’s it for me. Back to the grind I go, whoa whoa…

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