Military Deception and Camouflage—WWI Style

From the Library of Congress collections – and ultimately from Leslie’s Magazine, and their “Photographic Review of the Great War” – comes an interesting look at some American deception and camouflage innovations of the era. Some of them are, by bleeding-edge modern standards, kind of quaint and outdated, at first glance – papier-mache dummies? Really? Truth be told, it’s not a lot different than all the fake tanks and other things encountered in Kosovo, so maybe they aren’t quite so outdated, after all. It may no longer be common practice to cover airfields (“aerodromes”, in WWI parlance) in camo netting, but the ghillie suit certainly lives on.

Anyway, for your edification and entertainment… the secrets of the camouflage artists:

Well, there you go…

(You can “view image” on all of these for a larger view. Probably.)

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