Kwik and Chilly Hits

Back on October 29th, Entropic Memes hit its… sixth birthday. Yay me. Here’s to another six years of random, semi-misanthropic inanity! 🙂

Back on the 31st, my latest contracting gig expired, leaving me among the great mass of unemployed. Again. Or still, depending on your point of view. Current plan: clean out the attic and basement, and sell unneeded cruft on eBay. Anyone want to make an offer on the signed, limited-edition hardcover version of Cryptonomicon? Or a signed hardcover of The Diamond Age?

Today, if you’re unaware, is election day in the United States. (Vote early, vote often.) Coming as it does every two years, it’s a timely occasion to meditate on the fundamental shortcomings of the representative system of governance practiced here: Anyone who desires political power is pretty much by definition unqualified to have it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably the lesser of many other evils. And it’s not like I can think of anything better; my cynical observation that we should gruesomely and publicly execute the losing party in every state-level or higher election as a form of ensuring the proper level of devotion to duty in candidates was rebutted with the observation that such a plan would strongly encourage one-term politicians, meaning we’d mostly wind up with inexperienced n00bs in power, and would also ensure that most candidates would only run for office if they were immensely naive or were really, really, really confident they could rig the election in their favor.

I don’t honestly see how this would be any different from the status quo, but, meh, whatever.

It got down below freezing here on Halloween evening, which is not especially atypical in this part of the world. I am never amazed how many people seem incapable of realizing that Halloween happens, by definition, at the end of October, not a traditionally very warm time of year. I know it’s difficult, but certain sacrifices may have to be made in the interests of comfort: Princess Leia in the bronze bikini, not so much so. Princess Leia in the winter getup from Hoth, sure.

Lastly, lest I feel bad for making yet another post devoid of substance or interest: A soldier in Detroit was able to gain access to a large sporting event – with a rifle – more-or-less just because he was wearing a uniform, and was able to bullshit almost everyone he met there. Social engineering, one of the oldest of security threats, at its finest, no?

Right around the same time, someone entered the country from Colombia wearing a fairly convincing U.S. Army uniform and dog tags, and carrying some apparent military orders, despite not, apparently, actually being a soldier. Hmmn…

I’m honestly surprised this doesn’t happen more often – or at least that we don’t hear about it more often.

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