China Bunnies

One of my favorite blogs, which I thought was long overdue a plug, is Bunnie’s Blog, written by Andrew Huang. Mostly. I think. He’s a benevolenty evil genius who probably never met, saw, or heard of an electronic device he couldn’t hack. (I also greatly admire his PCB layout skills.)

Even if you aren’t so much into electronics geekery, he’s got a lot of very interesting stuff about the electronics (and other stuff) manufacturing business in China. There’s the sordid story of counterfeit (or are they?) MicroSD cards, for example. Or very counterfeit integrated circuits. (Another story from a different source about this problem, with lots and lots of cool photos, is here.)

Or there’s cool stories about cultural values (and culture clashes). Or the care and feeding of factory workers.

His archives are a trove of awesomeness, whatever your interests, so… go read. You know you want to.

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