Random Old Found Photos – Gals

Following on from yesterday’s small collection of random vintage found photos of gentlemen, as promised… here are a couple interesting found photos of ladies from way back when…

As always, enjoy. 🙂

A 65x105mm print, cut down from a fiber-based postcard print

I like to think of these as three sisters, each with different temperaments. On the left, Ms. I-like-to-have-fun-occasionally-and-in-moderation. In the middle, Ms. I’ve-a-cockily-tilted-hat-and-knowing-smile-for-a-reason-you-know. On the right, Ms. Fun-is-the-work-of-the-Devil-and-did-I-mention-my-sisters-are-harlots.

10.5×7.5cm print on a 3.5×5.5 in. fiber postcard

At least three generations of some unknown family somewhere (why do people never label the backs of these things?), plus a dog. Interestingly, there’s no apparent rhyme or reason to the way the people are arranged in this photo, except that all the women have graciously been allowed to sit. (Normally you’d expect to see husbands and wives by one another, but not here.) Nobody’s smiling, except maybe the dog. The two young boys in the front sport sailor suits, and have had their heads nearly shaved.

Presumably this was taken for a reason. What that was remains as much a mystery as who these folks are. Still… kind of a neat photo, all told.

(70x95mm albumen print, mounted on 125x150mm bristol board

Very nearly the epitome of late Victorian portraiture. Extreme, almost painterly chiaroscuro? Young woman? Elaborate hairdo? Flowers? Wicker furniture? This has it all, from an era when having a photo made was an Event.

What can I say? I have a weakness for old and quirky photographs…

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  1. On 9/15/2010 at 5:26 pm Lars Moller-Rasmussen Said:

    The family photo looks to me like rural Sweden, circa 1910 or maybe a couple of decades earlier. The walls of the house are definitely Swedish-style, although the roof tiles, not really shown clearly enough, are less certain. If it were Finland, the windows would probably be more decorated.

    The faces of the two males at each end of the back row look very Swedish to me as do those of several of the women, especially no. 3 from the left. In fact, the boy to the left looks like the main character of a famous 1960’es Swedish television series for children, “Emil from Lönneberg”.

    Lars Moller-Rasmussen.

  2. On 9/15/2010 at 8:59 pm Nemo Said:

    It’s entirely possible it’s Sweden, but Minnesota (and surrounding parts of the U.S., for that matter) has a huge population of folks of Swedish (and Danish, and especially Norwegian…) ancestry, and local architecture from that period, especially in rural areas, tends to look a lot like “the old country”, whichever one that might be. (Statewide, ~17% of residents are of Norwegian ancestry, and ~10% of Swedish descent.)

    I mean, one of our local television weathermen is named Sven Sundgaard, and speaks fluent Norwegian, fer cryin’ out loud. Lutefish is practically the unofficial state food, small family restaurants often have Lingonberry jam, you can get kringle at the grocery store…