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Last week I stopped in at a local antique store and bought a dozen or so random old photos from way back when, because I reckoned they were neat and/or interesting enough to scan and post online here. Hopefully you agree. 🙂

Tomorrow, the ladies. Today, the guys…

First up, two photos of some guy in a uniform. What kind of uniform? Damned if I or anyone I’ve shown it to can tell. Maybe something for the Minneapolis Aquitennial parade and related events?

a 6×10.5cm (contact?) print on Kodak Velox RC paper

a 6×10.5cm (contact?) print on Kodak Velox RC paper

The damage in this one, by the way, is original to the negative, which was very crudely “retouched” to unsuccessfully disguise some damage. Go figure. If you have any ideas or guesses as to what the uniform is… answers on a postcard to the usual address, et cetera.

Next up, a typical – but very nicely done! – portrait from a long-closed studio in Saint Cloud, MN:

a 3.5×5 in. print on fiber paper

Gotta love the hair, don’t you? And the glasses?

And, lastly, an interesting photo that leaves one pondering several questions:

6×10.5cm (contact?) print on a 3.5×5 in. fiber postcard, unused

You can click on this one for a larger view, by the way. It looks very early 1930s, to me. The five gentlemen are posed against a wire fence that surrounds a tennis court, very adjacent to some timber buildings. I almost want to say they’re in a “reformatory” or correctional facility. Either way, I think the fashions on display are very interesting.

Guy on the left: Kind of ill-fitting three-piece suit, no tie. Guy next to him: Three-piece suit, tie, lapel pin. Guy in the middle: Two-piece suit, skinny tie. Next guy over: Two-piece suit, watch on a fob, enormously wide tie. Dapper guy on the far right: a pretty nice-looking three-piece suit with a very decorative-looking tie.

Why was this picture taken? Is the guy on the right the boss, or the warden, or what? We’ll never know, I’m afraid…

Anyway, that’s it for today. Tomorrow: A couple of random 1920s-1930s beauties, and a late Victorian teenager who must have gone on to break quite a few hearts.

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  1. On 9/15/2010 at 10:53 am Cranky Old Man Said:

    The man in white could be a “White Wing”, or street sweeper.