Thunderbolt and Lightning

…very very frightening my cat.

Thunder is fine, thunder is grand, but it’s lightning that actually does the hard work.

Lightning. It’s like magic, only harder to control.

Several weeks ago, a series of big thunderstorms blew through. A tree about 250′ away took a direct hit from lightning, and was blown to smithereens. The EMP-wave-electrical-blast-whatever completely killed my roommate’s shiny new iPhone, and fried the wireless part of our ancient ActionTec DSL modem. There are other wireless APs in the house (have I complained about the complexity of our household LAN recently?) so I’m in no big hurry to replace it.

Last night, we got another series of big thunderstorms. The tree down the street didn’t get hit again – it was blown into a thousand pieces a couple weeks ago – but there were several hits within a mile or less, and the power flickered a couple of times.

I spent much of the night trying to sleep – one of our cats, who used to be stray, really doesn’t like thunderstorms, and spent much of the night furiously cuddling me with all his might – but I did check really quickly before heading to work this morning whether any other electrical appliances had taken obvious damage. TVs all work fine, computers work fine, remaining non-Apple cellphones all seem to work fine.

Oh, and the half-fried Actiontec modem? Fully functional again.

My roommate was very unamused by my gleeful cackles of “its alive, it’s alive!”, but it’s not as if these sorts of opportunities come up very often.

Gotta love the awesome power of nature, eh?

“PuttingonTheRitz” is going to be my new WEP password for a while…

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