Nice Work, If You Can Get It

A quick observation from a news story I read today:

A business research firm estimates Google’s Pac-Man game gobbled up – hur, hur – 4.8 million hours of otherwise productive employee time last week.

In dollar terms, assuming people are paid $25 (£17.50) an hour, this equates to about $120m in lost productivity, the firm said.

(emphasis mine)

Am I the only person who thinks that’s a ridiculously inflated hourly wage to “assume” for that sort of wild-ass guess? Or is $50K/year pre-tax the new “barely making ends meet”?

I know that Google has a different user demographic than, say, AOL or Yahoo or Bing, but given Google’s crushing market share, if $25/hour is anywhere near the average Google user’s salary, then all I can say is… what was that about a recession?

(And don’t get me started on the whole strawman of “lost productivity”…)

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