Aquatic Kwik Hits

A couple interesting things I’ve noticed over the last few days, most dealing with things of a naval nature:

In an AP story about the continuing French search efforts in the Atlantic, looking for the airliner that crashed last year, it’s noted that

…only one of the two ships that have been hunting for the black box flight recorders will continue the search. The other is carrying U.S. Navy-owned equipment needed for a military operation.

Emphasis mine.

I assume that the equipment being used is most likely a sonar mapping array of some sort; you have to kind of wonder what’s come up that they need this equipment elsewhere all of a sudden.

On a slightly related note, am I the only one who found the details of this week’s Sino-Japanese maritime confrontation suspicious? A Japanese vessel engaged in seafloor mapping just happens to wind up within a few kilometers of a Chinese vessel doing the exact same thing? Above a pretty flat and featureless chunk of ocean floor?

I know China has been flexing it’s naval muscles of late, but that “coincidence” makes me wonder whether there’s more going on here – like, that the Chinese and Japanese are looking for something in that area. It’s the same area that the Chinese naval group transited through last month, en route to exercises in the Pacific, which may or may not be a coincidence…

Yesterday, Russian special forces stormed a vessel that had been seized by Somali pirates just twenty-four hours before, successfully recovering the ship with the loss of a single pirate’s life. Quick, effective, and inexpensive; amazing what you can do when you’re not burdened by leadership-by-committee and entirely useless rules of engagement, isn’t it? Ria Novosti has a chart of how it all went down here.

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