Kwik Hits

Random observations from a long and annoying weekend:

I wish I had a picture, but an overachieving roommate recycled the Saturday newspaper before I could do so; as such, you’ll have to take my word for the fact that the sports section of Saturday’s paper was topped by the prominent headline “Two Holes Filled”. Yeah, who needs editors, right?

It referred to the fact that the Vikings football team drafted players to fill two vacant positions – i.e. “holes” in the lineup.

God bless the suburbs and construction detours. There’s nothing quite like getting lost… in suburbia… on a bicycle.

Public Intelligence has an interesting Newspeak-filled 2005 handbook on Intelligence-Led Policing available for download. It’s far from being the best thing ever written about ILP, but it serves as an okay – if extremely idealized, rosy-glasses, ideal-world – overview of what “the next last big thing” is all about… or was going to be all about, five years ago.

Secrecy News today has an interesting look at Chinese airships, a subject I’m always interested in.

That is all…

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