An Electrical Query For the Nerds

I’ve been poking around the web much of the afternoon, and hunting through Wikipedia, and I’m left stumped about two things – two things I hope that you, Dear Reader, might know the answers to.

1. On utility poles in residential neighborhoods (in the U.S., anyway) there are periodically – once every could of blocks, say – a large metal utility box mounted to a pole at or around “chest height”, which appear to be power distribution panels of some sort for the electrical network. I’m not talking about the similar telephone distribution boxes, but the electrical ones… What’s the technical term for these things? (You’d think some nerd would have produced “An Illustrated Guide to Domestic Utility Poles and Related Attachments”, but, no.)

2. They have provisions for padlocks on the latches, and I see a lot that have locks attached. In some neighborhoods, I’ve noticed a lot without locks; ten seconds’ effort and you’re in… or so I’ve heard. This seems like a bad idea to me, but what do I know, right? Is this normal, or a sign of possible shenanigans?

Ta muchly, and all that rot.

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