Kwik Hits

Random things of – hopefully – interest from around the globe:

How bad are the roads in the Twin Cities? Bad enough that the local newspaper is publishing haikus about potholes. Presumably, not fixing the roads is part of the “stimulus package” for auto alignment and wheel-repair businesses…

I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk yesterday morning, and hurt my back while removing several inches of built-up ice from the driveway with a crowbar. When one of my roommates asked why I was hobbling around like an invalid, I meant to say that I’d “gone Gordon Freeman” on the ice. What I actually said was that I’d “gone Gordon Ramsey” on it, leaving them with the brief impression that I’d melted the snow with a blistering series of dirty words… or had slipped and fallen, hit my head, and simply wasn’t making any sense at all.

In retrospect, crowbars work better on headcrabs than on ice…

Two interesting tidbits from Russia:

Russia is set to deploy combat aircraft to Abkhazia, the disputed territory on the Georgian border. Needless to say, this isn’t being well-received by Georgia, who probably have something of a vested interest in Russia not having ground-attack aircraft based just minutes from their border…

Also, Russia plans increased fines for manufacturers who make “inferior” quality products – fines as high as $16,000. Yeah, that’ll teach ’em, right? What I find most interesting is that this apparently comes hot on the heels of Moscow’s elimination of mandatory quality certification of, among other things, food. It’s almost like some of Chicago Mayor Daley’s relatives are in Russia, or something, isn’t it?

Over the long holiday weekend, we had another compact fluorescent bulb catch fire. I’m really getting tired of this. Fortunately, this one was in the laundry room, and merely dripped molten ash and plastic goo on the concrete floor before we smelled smoke and came to the rescue.

Wikileaks, reportedly, have (finally…) hit their fundraising target of $200,000, proving that there’s a sucker born every minute. I’m not the only one who is completely unsurprised that they have still yet to return to service, but merely continue to promise to return… “soon”.

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