Blinded Me With Science – And Tears of Laughter

While one of the unabashed joys of the ABC comedy Better Off Ted is the interplay between the reasonably normal underlings and their not-quite-human boss, Veronica (played by Portia de Rossi), let’s face it, everybody loves a science nerd, right? Or, as is usually the case, two science nerds, like Ted‘s Phil and Lem.

There may be no new episodes of Better Off Ted just at the moment – save Better Off Ted! – but if you’re looking to get your comedic geek on – or your geek comedy on – well, I have a little something for you…

It’s the six 45-minute episodes of a BBC radio comedy called Double Science, which follows the lives and misadventures of the science department at a small British liberal-arts college as they attempt to cope with such stressful upheavals to their small and orderly lives as, say, actually having a boss who occasionally shows up for work… or actually having students… or having to wear pants.

You can download all six episodes here (230MB Rar file of six MP3s), and I strongly encourage you to do so – even if you don’t like the sciences, there are enough capers and shenanigans to keep you laughing out loud here.

As a sample of sorts, you can also download a short musical number from the first episode, The Science Rap, performed by the junior member of the department and his new boss, yo.

And, hey, if it turns out you like Double Science – which I think you will- maybe you’ll like Better Off Ted, too. View it while you can at or Hulu, buy the first-season DVD, or download it from, really, wherever you can find it.

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